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F. Amadeo White is part of the third generation of Jose Adolpho and Julitanita Valdez Atencio. The first to make their mark in the San Luis Valley.

LaGarita Books, LLC's goal is to foster care and understanding between all peoples, local and international. By delving deep into the stories and history of a valley whose natural essence perfectly describes Colorado and New Mexico as it was and is today.

Below you'll learn more about the author. A sample of the author's forward, as well as a short description of La Garita and the San Luis Valley.


About the Author

Frank was born in 1942 at the Carnero Canyon Ranch.

His parents are Frank White and Perfecta Baca White. He became very interested in the family history at an early age.

The first La Garita book was published in 1971. While working for Public Radio jazz89 KUVO, he produced the "Canciones Del Pasado Project" dealing with Hispanic Folk Music of Northern New Mexico and the San Luis Valley. He directed the "Milagro Tours" that are hands on travel and study tours to the San Luis Valley and Northern New Mexico.

Another of his works, "Dando Los Dias" a new year's tradition, was part of the Library of Congress - Local Legacies Project in the year 2000 in his Love for local history and human dynamics, he strongly encourages local people to record and share their story.

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Frank Amadaeo White's educational accomplishments include: A.A. degree Trinidad State Junior College, Trinidad, Colorado; B.A. and M.A. degree Western State College, Gunnison, CO; post graduate studies at Western State College and Adams State College, Alamosa, CO.

Author's Forward

This book is a work of the Author's perspectives on a lifetime of information acquired from relatives, friends, and to formal research. I became very interested at a very early age as I heard stories in the sheep camps.

Formal research began while in college studying History of the Southwest Spanish Colonial Era history of the American Southwest, especially Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado was like a Magnet pulling me to my roots I feel a great need for more information on the history of this area to be done by people with roots and life experience in the area.

I strongly encourage others to record their own stories. I believe that awareness leads to better understanding. This understanding will greatly help each one live better, the good aspects of one's life and better deal with and correct the adverse aspects of one's life. The first part of this book is all new material; the second part is a reproduction of the original La Garita book first published in 1971.


About La Garita

"La Garita" brought back many of my own childhood memories of family and time spent near The Valley. It touched my heart, and inspired me to remember my own history and pass it on to my children.

Not very often do you find a book that looks to the future while remembering the past and "La Garita" does so with a perfect balance of information, personal history and memories.

F. Amadeo White's words do more than tell a story on the surface; they generously open the door and allow the reader to see inside his world, filled with happiness and sorrow, excitement, wonder, and love. Thank you for the invitation, Mr. White. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit at "La Garita." - L.J. Harker